TWO PARTS OF EASY ACTION (2016) 30 minutes

Two Parts of Easy Action is a work choreographed and performed by Deanne Butterworth with critically acclaimed, experimental musician Evelyn Morris.

It examines the vulnerability and power of the solo performer using movement and sound.

In addition to dancing, Butterworth performs with the electric guitar, an instrument she knows little about, and Morris explores moving between moments of drumming. In typical avant-garde style this is a moment of pure exploration and experimentation.

Unearthing a performance language using a known and an unfamiliar form, they reinvent the mundane, explore repetition in action and sound while conjuring rhythms and undercurrents of energy working with the existing energy of the cavernous space.

Performers: Deanne Butterworth & Evelyn Morris

Lighting: Jason Crick


premiered at The Substation Newport, September 2016


Curated as a part of The Substation Fringe Program and supported by The Substation. With thanks to Brad Spolding and Susannah Day