THE INTERLUDE (2016) 45 minutes

The Interlude: an early form of English dramatic entertainment, sometimes considered to be the transition between medieval morality plays and Tudor dramas.

The Interlude is a performance work made for The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne. Created as a part of the performance program for Spring 1883 in Room 301 and titled after the hotel suite in which the performance program takes place, Room 301 brings attention to the work of artists, dancers and choreographers working within movement, the body and participation-oriented practices.

The Interlude takes into consideration the private and public nature of this program. It works towards something created in direct response to the room, as well as the studio in which it was created, the sounds of the hotel suite and the studio and the activities occurring directly outside the hotel and the window below suite 301.  It considers relationships; between the audience inhabiting the space, the private relationship I have to the sounds I hear through headphones, what I watch on a screen, what is displayed on the hotel television screen and the relationship the audience makes between what they hear, see and watch. I allow this private yet very public arena to change my behaviour and that of those watching using the existing scenery of the  suite.

Performer: Deanne Butterworth


premiered at The Hotel Windsor for Spring 1883, 17 and 20 August 2016


supported by Public Art Melbourne and Gertrude Contemporary. With thanks to Mark Feary.