live performance, 20 minutes

Tempo Rubato was created through an invitation to participate in the Humana Botanica exhibition.

Facilitated by Guy Lamothe and co-curated by Felicity Mark and Marielle Soni, Botanica Humana presented  works from a group of emerging to mid-career Australian artists who reference nature within their art; a visual language symbolising aspects of human experiences or expressing human emotional and psychological states, reminding ourselves - as human we are nature.

Exhibiting Artists:

Amelda Read-Forsythe

Cameron Hayes

Chris Humphries

Dena Ashbolt

Grant Nimmo

Helen Anderson

Jacky Cheng

James Murnane

Kim Anderson

Lisa Walker

Noriko Nakamura

Paul Spencer

Virginia Cummins

Tempo Rubato: Working with the expansive architecture of the pop up gallery space the audience was guided through three different zones- upstairs, downstairs, and the descending stairs. Tempo Rubato encouraged a speeding up and slowing down of time and energy in the performing body while allowing the audience to observe themselves and others.

Performer: Deanne Butterworth

Music: Michael Munson


SUNDAY 20th MAY 2018


With thanks to Felicity Mark and Marielle Soni

Photos: Kara Burdack