PROJECT BLAH BLAH (2011) 25 minutes

Created and performed in collaboration with Jo Lloyd

Project Blah Blah is a work created in collaboration with Jo Lloyd.

Project Blah Blah focusses on the communication between two people in one room for an extended period of time, exploring behavioural patterns, underlying tension and the effort to sustain a relationship through various ways of communicating.

The work explores what is kept hidden from one another and what happens when certain behaviour is revealed to each other through intricate choreographic actions saturated with suspicion. It follows the paradoxical line of enquiry that everything can be planned yet nothing is known.

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Performers: Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd

Sound: Duckjuggler


7-9 January 2011, Hong Kong Fringe Theatre in the porgram by Hong Kong Dance Alliance 'Perfect Pairs and Odd Couples' created to strengthen artistic exchange between Hong Kong and Australian Artists.


Created with the support of Dancehouse, Strut, Hong Kong Dance Alliance, and Global Japan Network. The development of Project Blah Blah was supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.