LIFE SESSIONS 60 IN 60 (2017) 20 minute

performance and video loop

'Life Sessions 60 in 60' is a video and a live performance work by Deanne Butterworth made specifically for the architecture and social space od Neapoli Wine Bar.

'Life Sessions 60 in 60' is a part of Neapoli Art Bar, a project that takes place within Neapoli Wine Bar. Neapoli Art Bar works with artists, writers and critical producers who make philosophical inquiries in a contemporary and social context. In this series, curated by Nikos Pantazopoulos, the artist has been invited to respond to the philo-architectural framework of the site.

This exhibition will open on Sunday 16th July at 4 pm and will also be the first time that Deanne Butterworth will perform her work 'Life sessions 60 in 60' to the public. The exhibition will run with intermittent performances until the 27th August 2017

The work aims to present and conceal various aspects of performing. It considers the multi-layered and complex ways to perform within the everyday and in the more formal set up of contemporary performance. The work examines the space as both costume and code considering the multitude of possibilities of the empty environment, absent of other bodies. 'Life Sessions 60 in 60' considers different viewpoints, how space might be used, what lurks behind the facade, habit, time, loyalty, transformation, boredom, and money.

Performers: Deanne Butterworth

Video: Deanne Butterworth and Michael Munson

Costume: Deanne Butterworth




With thanks to Nikos Pantazopoulos