‘How to Act’ is a new dance work currently in development. The first stage was supported by Arts House Culturelab in 2021 with a subsequent development at The Australian Ballet Studios supported by City fo Melbourne in May 2023.

How To Act examines the concept of a narrative play being triggered by the scenery, lights, and costumes rather than by the dancers/performers. It is as if the dancer sinhabit the play without actually being charatcers within it- thye are texture and sensation. It is choreographically complex with its fundamental goal to produce sensations rather than resolutions for the audience. One idea for the future of the work is that it will operate as both day time installation with light, sound and objects and as an evening performance with all components and the live performance.

Title: How to Act

Choreography: Deanne Butterworth

Performers: Kara Burdack, Deanne Butterworth and Benjamin Hurley

Sound: Michael Munson

Film by: James Wright

Presentation planned for 2025


How to Act was supported by an ArtsHouse Culturelab Development Grant. Thanks to Kara Burdack, Benjamin Hurley, Michael Munson, and Sarah Aiken.