DUELLE (2009) 20 minutes

by Deanne Butterworth & Shelley Lasica

DUELLE brings together two solo performances made 16 years apart. It is a work that recognises time slippage, the resonances of different dances that exist at different times but can happen simultaneously.

BEHAVIOUR was made for run gallery Store 5 in 1993 - and given the nature of the venue - it was perfect for a performance that was performed close to people without being threatening, yet maintaining a critical distance.  BEHAVIOUR created a different theatre space.

Dual Repérage was first performed in April 2009 for the ‘With the Lot’ event, an outdoor project curated by Kyle Kremerskothen, for Lucy Guerin Inc. It plays with sensing the unseen, presenting different activities that viewed from a specific and then changing reference point.

DUELLE allows the audience to find the formal and historical conversation between the two works. Both works were made for spaces ‘outside’ the regular performative environment and because of that allow an exaggeration of that very moment. The audience is close, the relationship negotiated, and by doing so, expressed. The photographers’ presence as part of that relationship heightens the moment: of time, the stage, the performer, narrative and metaphor.

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Choreographers & Performers: Shelley Lasica & Deanne Butterworth

Rehearsal Director: Jo Lloyd

Stills Documentation: Rohan Young

Participating Photographers: Terence Hogan, Dominic Redfern, Concettina Inserra, Patrick Pound, Matthew Gingold.

Image Credit: Milo Kossowski

Video Documentation: Anne Scott Wilson


18 December 2009 at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne


Thanks to Roger Wood, Rachel Young, Rohan Young, Naomi Cass, Mark Feary, Kate Neylon, Tracey Hubert, Ben Speth, Joanna Lloyd, Kylie Walters and Florent Otello