Siteless Now for Melbourne Now in the 19th Century European Painting Room NGV International with musician Evelyn Morris


Workshop leader over a 6 week period at Back to Back Theatre for Theatre of Speed, Geelong

Development of new work by Tim Darbyshire for the Keir Choreographer Award


Performer in ‘Entitled Title’ by Tim Darbyshire for the Inaugural Keir Choreographic Award


Performer in Adva Zakai’s solo work Regarding Yesterday at Slopes Fitzroy as a part of the exhibition ‘If this exhibition were a text’ curated by Ash Kilmartin (3 week season)


Participant in work by Alicia Frankovich ‘Defending Plural Experiences for Framed Movements show at ACCA involving Motion Capture filming

October- November

Performer in ‘Intermission’ by Maria Hassabi at ACCA for Framed Movements Exhibition (4 week season)


Performer in new work by Brooke Stamp and Abel Korinsky for Experimenta at RMIT Urban Square

Formal invitation to be an informal participant during the Specific In Between at ACCA in a program curated by Helen Grogan as a part of the Framed Movements exhibition curated by Hannah Mathews


Participant in Shelley Lasica’s ANAT research project ‘Sight and Perception in Dance’


Creative development for ‘Solos for other People’ by Shelley Lasica to be presented for Dance Massive 2015