'Remaking Dubbing (2018) is a work for three dancers working with the premise of re-enacting a yet unmade work, so in the process of re-enacting it the actual work is created. It plays with seen and unseen scenarios, a doubling of bodies, and performers who work with one another as well as with invisible forces. It uses movement, sound, recorded image, light, and codes. The action is situated in a room with three people, housing their circulating energies, thoughts, insecurities, and memories. The bodies mostly appear to look outward, apparently disconnected from one another, sometimes bored with themselves, ascending and descending, becoming for a moment monumental, as they search for something greater than what is physically closest to them.

Performed by Kara Burdack, Daniel Newell, Deanne Butterworth.

Video: James Wright

Sound: Michael Munson

Light: Rose Connors Dance



31 May to 30 June at Gertrude Glasshouse

1 to 5 August at Melbourne Art Fair

M Pavilion



Created with the support of Creative Victoria, Gertrude Contemporary, and Arts House through the Four Walls initiator. Photo credit: Gregory Lorenzutti



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