DOUBLE DOUBLE (2019) 120 minutes

Created in collaboration with Jo Lloyd

DOUBLE DOUBLE is a work co-created with Jo Lloyd.

In 'Double Double', the pair are joined by interdisciplinary artists Evelyn Ida Morris and Tina Havelock Stevens – each on drums –

in an epic meeting of four performers where spontaneous compositions and formations emerge out of a physical and sonic mania. Over the course of two hours, the performers lap through time and space as their personas merge, separate and collide. Motion and noise slap against each other as tension escalates, making for a riveting sensory experience.

Performers: Deanne Butterworth, Jo Lloyd, Tina Hvaelock Stevens, Evelyn Ida Morris

Sound: Duckjuggler

link to preview video


June 29 2019 Potter Museum University of Melbourne 2-4pm


Created with the support of Potter Museum University of Melbourne for the Insidde Out Program curated by Phillip Adams- The Phillip Adams dance series has been generously supported by Professor John Wardle and Susan Wardle. The 2019 program, 'Inside Out', has been generously supported by Peter Jopling AM QC, Andy Zhang and Calvin Huang.

Photography: Peter Rosetzky

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