BRINGING THE OUTSIDE INSIDE (2013) 30 minute loop

Bringing the Outside Inside was created in response to the architecture and outdoor spaces of Orica House (formerly ICI House) at 1 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne where Arup's head office is located. It was shown for the Arup Penguin Pool in March 2013


Using the modernist building like a score I 'read' it to create the choreography. Physically responding to clues in the building, surrounding sculptures and water features connected with time, space, angles and stillness the choreography was filmed and projected on to the side of the building throughout the evening


Choreographer & Performer: Deanne Butterworth Sound, Video and Projections: Michael Munson



Tuesday 19 March 2013 7-9pm



Supported by Arup Melbourne. Curated by Anita D'Souza

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