'Moving Mapping' public movement workshops presented by Gertrude Contemporary for the NGV Triennial Extra Festival.

'All Our Dreams Come True 2'. Originally presented at Bus Projects in 2016 with Jo Lloyd This second iteration uses the internal and external space of M Pavilion

'Departed Acts': performance lecture at M Pavilion presented by Bus Projects

Choreographer and Dancer for Evelyn Ida Morris new single, 'The Body Appears' to be released March 2018

Choreographer for Linda Tegg's video work, 'Ground' at the Featherstone House for the Venice Architectural Biennale

Teacher at Chunky Move Professional, Intermediate and Beginner classes



Performer in Shelley Lasica's work 'Behaviour Part 7' at Grand Buffet Hall, Union House, University of Melbourne

Participant in Eszter Salamon's workshop and performer in the work, 'Replay' for the Keir Choreographic Award Public Program at Lucy Guerin Inc. and Abbotsford Convent

Teaching at Lucy Guerin Inc., and Chunky Move Professional, Intermediate and Beginner classes



Initial Development for future work, 'Remaking Dubbing' at Gertrude Contemporary, supported by Creative Victoria

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